Apple’s iOS 7 sure seems to be instilling some love-it-or-hate-it feelings in users, either praising the overall redesign or worrying that the platform’s losing some of its Apple charm in the process. Ultimately, we’re going to have to wait until it goes public, and Apple’s millions of users have the chance to upgrade their phones and get some hands-on experiences before we can truly say how well it’s received, but there are some early indications that suggest iOS 7 might be surprisingly popular.

Since Apple’s not going to be sharing its own figures, we turn to some traffic analysis. Looking at data gathered by Onswipe, it reveals that right now devices running iOS 7 account for about 0.46 percent of its total traffic. Now, given the nature of Onswipe’s business, creating software for mobile content delivery, it’s understandable that it might attract more devs than your average site – what we’re concerned with isn’t that 0.46 percent figure as a share of the whole, so much as it relates to historic levels of iOS 6 adoption.

You see, this time last year, when the iOS 6 beta was in about the same stage of development as iOS 7 is now, and had been available for nearly as long, Onswipe only saw it on 0.25 percent of connections. While far from a scientific assessment, this sure gives the impression that the iOS 7 betas are seeing roughly twice as much interest compared to iOS 6.

Source: Onswipe
Via: TechCrunch

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