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iOS 15.2 will show a detailed list of device parts and say whether they're genuine

By Roland Udvarlaki December 9, 2021, 12:00 pm
Apple iPhone iOS 15.2 parts list

In the upcoming iOS 15.2 update, Apple will give users a detailed list that will show what parts are genuine and what parts are from a third-party maker. Apple seems to focus a lot on repairability nowadays, and it announced a Self Service Repair program that will allow customers to replace certain components of their own devices using genuine Apple parts and tools. Today, we’ve also reported that Apple might soon allow iPhone and Mac customers to purchase AppleCare+ after the initial 60 days. The new parts and service history will let users know when and how the iPhone was serviced by previous owners.


In the new iOS 15.2 update, Apple wants to let users know if their devices contain genuine Apple parts or third-party ones. The device will also show the service history of an iPhone and see where and when it was serviced by Apple itself, or an Apple Authorized Repair Center. It’s also worth mentioning that the Parts and Service History will only be visible if something in the iPhone has been replaced, otherwise it won’t appear.

Unknown and other third-party components that aren’t genuine will be marked with a warning indicator, shown with a triangle. Apple says that these will not change the function of the device, and it will only be shown to let the user know that the part isn’t genuine. It’s unclear if Apple will ever limit or accept third-party components again, as it did in the past, but it’s a good sign that it doesn’t intend to limit usability and compatibility.

On iOS 15.2, users will be able to view the history by:

  • Going into Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap About to see the Parts and Service History

It’s also worth pointing that older models will be fully supporting the new feature. The iPhone XR and XS Series will only display the battery information, while the iPhone 11 Series will report the battery and display details. The iPhone 12 and 13 Series will report on the battery, display, and camera information.

While purchasing second-hand devices, this should be a great first place to verify whether the device has been serviced with original Apple parts, or non-genuine ones by the previous owner.

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