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Remember the Optimized Battery Charging feature for iPhones that arrived with iOS 13 and the Battery Health Management tool that was introduced with a macOS Catalina update? Well, something similar has arrived with iOS 14 as well for the AirPods, and this one aims to increase their battery longevity.

The feature is called Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 14, and it will wait to charge the AirPods’ battery past the 80% mark by learning your usage habit. When enabled, the AirPods will slow down the charging process and will only go up from 80% to 100% when it detects that your usual time to use the AirPods is nearing. By doing so, it will slow down the battery aging process and increase its lifespan.

Optimised Battery Charging Enabled. To reduce battery aging, AirPods learn from your daily charging routine so they can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use them,” is how the notification describes it in iOS 14. In simple terms, the battery inside your AirPods will last for a longer span without showing signs of any major degradation.

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