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iOS 14 is a major functional upgrade, and aside from home screen widgets, another feature that stood out was App Library. As the name makes it abundantly clear, apps will be automatically categorized into groups such as social, creativity, etc. And thanks to App Library, you no longer have to endlessly struggle with finding the one app in a sea of apps distributed across multiple pages.

Essentially, it is a new space that automatically organizes your apps in a simple way to navigate. Go into wiggle mode, and then you can get a birds-eye view of the screens and you can remove the ones you want.

At the top, there’s the search field which allows apps to be organized from A to Z. On the right is recently added so you can see what you just downloaded. Below are intelligently created categories with suggestions on how to group your apps. Here’s how App Library will look on iPhones running iOS 14:

[Update Note: This story was updated to add more images depicting App Library in iOS 14]

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