iOS 14.5 default music app
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With the arrival of iOS 14, Apple finally allowed users to set a third-party app as their default email client and web browser. Now, it looks like the company is going to extend the convenience to music and podcast apps well. iOS 14.5 beta has been released, and multiple users have spotted that they can now set Spotify as their default music app. However, it appears to be half-baked at the moment and is not widely available either.

The feature is buggy and inconsistent at the moment

First shared on Reddit (via MacRumors), users who are running the latest beta of iOS 14.5 are now able to set Spotify as their default music and podcast app. However, the feature appears to be working in varied ways for different users. For some users, asking Siri to play a song first prompts them to choose an app for playing it. Earlier, music playback via Siri defaulted to Apple Music.

For some users, they aren’t seeing the Siri prompt for selecting the default music or podcast app. Instead, Apple’s virtual assistant just asked them to grant it access to their Spotify app and related data. Once the permission is granted, all song requests via Siri are fulfilled via Spotify. However, it appears that there is no option in the Settings app to manually set a third-party app as the default music and podcast app in iOS 14.5 beta yet.

There is no option to change the default music or podcast app in Settings

As per the aforementioned Reddit thread, Siri can even play songs from the Liked playlist on Spotify when asked to do so. However, multiple users have reported that the feature is inconsistent, and in some cases, Siri picked Deezer instead of Spotify as the default music app on its own. However, a buggy experience is to be expected, since this is a beta build and Apple will likely find and remove all the issues before iOS 14.5 is rolled out widely via the stable channel.

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