iOS 12 has now been adopted on the plurality of compatible Apple devices.

Data from Mixpanel shows that as of today, the 17th since iOS 12 was released, iOS 12 is on 46.7 percent of eligible devices. iOS 11 has 46.28 percent while other version take the remaining 7 percent and change.

Statista reports that the 10-day adoption trend for iOS 12 was the worst since iOS 7’s launch in 2013: 20.7 percent of eligible devices took up iOS 12 at that point compared to 63.4 percent for iOS 7.

It’s believed that iPhone and iPad users are holding off to get iOS 12.1 with Group FaceTime and Dual-SIM functionality. Wariness of experience-busting bugs, such as the ones also may have depressed the take-up rate.

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