Over the past year, Apple has been criticized for its poor attention to detail on bugs when rolling out new features for iOS. The complaints never seemed to stop on social media. Add to it the “feature” everyone suspected Apple of including without saying so, performance throttling for older iPhones, and you could say that there’s a lack of goodwill towards America’s tech overlord.

Well, the focus may change in the next year as Axios is reporting from inside sources saying that senior vice president for software, Craig Federighi, has issued a directive to focus on issues of security and quality in addition to the throttling behavior for its older iPhones with more delicate batteries.

This means that some features set to debut with iOS 12 this fall will get moved to 2019, including a new home screen and Apple CarPlay interface designs as well as revamps of the mail and camera apps. Other existing features like augmented reality, parental controls and health measurements, will get minor improvements.

Some inside the team doubt that a priority on QA will lead to positive results and whether new features would help sales more.

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