iOS 12.1 will fix iPhone Xs and Xs Max charging issue

Before we reported about users complaining about the selfie camera of the iPhone Xs, we reported on another issue. Several owners were reporting iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max charging problems, where the phones either did not charge at all, or needed a nudge to do so. At the time of that report Apple did not officially acknowledge the problem, but according to Cnet, the company now does.

It doesn’t come in the shape of a public acknowledgement. However, Cnet is pretty sure that the iOS 12.1 update will fix the issue. It is unknown when the final version will be pushed out to devices, but the beta is already available. It is not advisable to install the beta unless you’re not solely relying on your iPhone for your day to day activities.

Until iOS 12.1 arrives to fix the iPhone Xs and Xs Max charging issue (and hopefully other glitches), you will need to keep unplugging and replugging your Lightning cable to kickstart the charge. Or, you can just wirelessly charge your device until then.

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