iOS 11 to disintegrate Facebook and Twitter logins, debut Password AutoFill

Facebook and Twitter account login information will no longer be integrated into iOS starting from version 11, Ina Fried of Axios reports. Venture capitalist Sean Cook also shared the relevant changelog item for the developer beta of iOS 11.

The two social media platforms have been the larger ones in the pool with third-party applications relying on the two for easier logins. They got special treatment from Apple. If you wanted to share anything from any other app with either Facebook or Twitter, the app would use the information you’ve lodged with Apple to login to the services. No longer in iOS 11. Apps will have to interface with Facebook or Twitter like any others using sharing extensions that came out with iOS 8.

Perhaps a part of this move will be ameliorated by Password AutoFill, which Apple has just announced — we should get details of how it works soon. In the meantime, we bet that a whole bunch of new OAuth tokens will have to be put up as people get asked to log into Facebook and Twitter to log into another service.

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