iOS 11 public beta 5 has SOS mode, won’t allow for Touch ID

If you’re out in the real world and come into a situation where your personal privacy is at risk, — say you’re getting mugged or the police want to look in your phone or there’s a situation where you want or have to leave your phone out where it can be accessible by people you don’t trust — the first thing to clutch is your phone. And if you have a fingerprint logged as biometric authentication, you could be coerced into making way. A fingerprint is not a password you can easily “forget,” and in some cases, you might be legally compelled to provide it.

Well, the past couple of public and developer betas for iOS 11 have introduced a new SOS mode that would block use of the Touch ID sensor when it’s activated. According to iMore, all it takes is five consecutive presses of the power button and toggle an “Emergency SOS” slider in the middle of the screen.

It’s come up in cases where police have been looking to crack through the encrypted doorways into phones in the search for evidence. Whatever situation you find yourself in, though, where you believe you might need to take your finger off the table of coercion, this could be an option for you.

Image: iMore

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