iOS 11 public beta 4 rolls out shortly after the platform’s developer beta 5

Well, that sure was fast. Members of the Apple Developer Program may have not even gotten a chance to take their latest exclusive iOS 11 preview for a quick bug-testing spin before Apple Beta Software Program participants could also join the party.

Yup, the platform’s fourth public beta is rolling out to anyone willing to live with a fair share of stability issues just to check out everything that’s new a month or so early. iPad users in particular have a great deal to be excited about, including a slate of multitasking enhancements, an entirely new Dock, Files app, Drag and Drop functionality and so much more.

There’s no reason to expect major differences between this pre-release build and iOS 11 developer beta 5, especially considering their update timing, but whether you’re a professional dev or someone who likes to check out cool features before their friends, you should remain wary of the occasional stutter, lag, glitch or even system crash.

Do not install iOS 11 Public Beta 4 on a daily driver containing important or sensitive data, fill up your iPhone or iPad’s battery beforehand, and always be prepared to roll back to an earlier, more stable platform version. Stay safe and enjoy your preview of Apple’s next big software thing several weeks ahead of a wide-scale launch coinciding with the iPhone 8 announcement.

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