Inspired by Chinese Android phones, iOS 11 adds virtual power button feature

You know those redundant features we’ve ridiculed for the longest time on Chinese Android skins that are made to look like Apple’s iOS? Like the “Lock phone” app.

“Really? The power button’s right there! I’ve never been more baited since the last time I read an article’s headline!”

Touché, Mr. Writer.

Well, sometimes, hardware bites dust. iPhone users know this well, especially in the trapeze act of repairs where the Touch ID sensor ends up not working when it should be. Apple only recently worked in a workaround for whenever that mishap popped up, though, by reworking the lock screen and automatically prompting the virtual home button feature available in the accessibility settings.

Now, Apple engineers have taken it a step further with a new “Shut Down” feature that can be activated on the iOS 11 developer beta. As Redmond Pie adeptly shows, you can virtually shut down your device by scrolling to the bottom of the general settings menu and hitting the menu item below “Reset”. Don’t worry, either way you go, you’ll be prompted with a precautionary splash screen — in the case of shutting down, you’ll get an extra on-screen switch to swipe. Users can also virtually lock their device with the virtual home button feature.

If you’re in one of those tight situations where your power button just doesn’t click and you’ve got to save up battery for an important call, this feature’s for you.

Sands may shift as iOS 11 goes through the revision process, but we suppose this is a reliable feature to count on passing through the sift. And who said Chinese Android phones are a software hell? Well, they still are to us.

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