At least with Android 8.0, there’s a name to be jockeyed about. But in terms of substantive improvements, you’ve got to hand it to Apple with iOS 11. After the first developer beta was allowed to be discovered and then set to stew, the second beta is now out. Many of the features you’ll see below were either explicitly discussed about or flashed in quick presentation slide blurbs.

Meaty changelog paragraphs detail some UI tweaks, but important features like Do Not Disturb While Driving and Hindi dictation are now out for testing. Safari gets new lab features like involving animations, graphics rendering and Constant Properties. If you hit the share sheet on a file that can be downloaded, you now have an option to “Save to Files”. And finally, Apple Maps has finally caught up to Google Maps with indoor venue schematics for malls, train stations, stadiums and other places — the above screenshot comes from MacRumors.

Developers can have at it right now by pulling down the update in the settings of their eligible iOS device. We expect iOS 11 out in September, just after Android gets its “O” game on the month before.

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