In the age of unlimited data plans, carriers have practically encouraged customers to use more data. Pesky challenges have surfaced for Verizon and its rural districts while AT&T has speed tiers to manage traffic. T-Mobile has been steadfast in pushing the envelope with its de-prioritization cap.

And yet, there’s still good reason to restrict certain downloads to Wi-Fi networks. Software updates — ahem, Apple’s iOS 11 update for starters — that muster into multiple gigabytes are one thing. Stupid large games are another.

In this context, the App Store has been limiting application and app update downloads over a cellular network to 100MB for the past while. It has now upped that limit to 150MB.

Maybe your Wi-Fi isn’t reliable at all and the closest network is miles away. If your life relies on an app to communicate or set actions in motion and they’re particularly large, an extra 50MB to that cap may or may not make the difference for you. Maybe this won’t matter to you at all because you’re stuck with the last 200MB of your 16GB disk.

But hey, it is what it is.

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