One week in, iOS 11 is already installed on over 26 percent of iDevices

Apple may not have reason to be proud about early iPhone 8 and 8 Plus demand, despite the incremental hardware upgrades performing surprisingly well in rigorous camera reviews, passing durability tests with flying colors and (barely) surviving a few drops.

What Cupertino can always rely on in the fall, regardless of production delays for radically redesigned new iPhones, is a very fast iOS update spread. Right? In part, yes, especially if you compare iOS 11 adoption one week in with Android Nougat distribution after a full year on the market.

Incredibly enough, the latest version of the world’s second most popular mobile platform already runs on over 26 percent of active iDevices, while the combined share numbers of Android 7.0 and 7.1 topped a modest 15 percent a couple of weeks back. Let’s not even try to imagine how long it’s going to take Oreo to reach 26 percent of Android phones around the globe.

Still, believe it or not, the September 26 usage figure of the September 19-released iOS 11 is short of impressive from a couple of important standpoints. For one thing, the software update, billed by Apple as a “giant step for iPhone” and a “monumental leap for iPad”, needed just 24 hours or so to hit 12 percent adoption.

Since September 20, the rollout has considerably slowed down, which might have something to do with the general sluggishness reported by a concerning number of users. iOS 11 is far from flawless even on the brand-new iPhone 8 while occupying a great deal of storage space on older gadgets. Hence, why “only” 26.56 percent distribution has been achieved, compared to the whopping 37 percent share of iOS 10 estimated on September 19, 2016, just six days after the previous update’s initial public launch.

Before wrapping up, it’s worth highlighting that these are unofficial numbers compiled by third-party business analytics service Mixpanel, with Apple’s definitive scores often differing greatly.

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