iOS 11.3 arrives for all eligible iPhones and iPads, including new Animoji and battery health info

Well, that didn’t take long. Apple caught us all off guard yesterday with a completely uncharacteristic move, dispatching the highly anticipated iOS 11.3 update to the brand-new sixth-generation iPad while leaving every other eligible iPhone and iPad user behind. But it only took a few hours to spread the love, and now you can finally shut down the universally reviled performance throttling “feature.”

If you own an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus, that is, and don’t care about“unexpected shutdowns” too much. The option to switch off “power management” is part of a wider new range of battery health information Apple is offering access to, including recommendations for when you might need to replace your cell to avoid both performance compromises and random device shutdowns.

The first truly major revision of an iOS 11 release that hasn’t exactly been praised for its stability obviously also focuses on fixing various bugs and glitches. Then there are all those “new AR experiences”, an Animoji lineup with four fun additions (lion, bear, dragon and skull), Business Chat functionality (still in beta) for the proprietary Messages app, detailed Health Records for patients of more than 40 US health systems, and “updated data and privacy information” which seems to come at an ideal time.

It goes without saying this is a pretty massive update you’re advised to download over-the-air using a strong Wi-Fi connection after making sure you have plenty of free storage space and battery fuel.

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