New HomePod status art included in latest iOS 11.2.5 beta

A myriad of new art assets for Apple’s upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod, has been included with the latest beta software for iOS 11.2.5.

It’s within the Home app’s asset directory that we see these new “scenes,” as iHelp BR Editor-in-Chief Filipe Espósito exhibits on Twitter. Morning routines to relaxation and partying “modes” may be included. In some situations, we find that the microphones — thus Siri — has been disabled.

Apple has said in the past that HomePod users can expect their privacy to be protected, even with the always-listening technology. Beyond that, having just anyone trigger Siri on accident would be more annoying than anything.

Some of the framework Espósito has also seen suggests that each registered voice on the device may be able to control multiple Apple accounts.

Supply chain sources suggest that Apple should be receiving the first batches of HomePods for finalization after months of delays. Engadget has also picked up FCC Office of Engineering documents for the device, signalling that the product should be ready for customers to receive soon.

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