iOS 10 share nearing half as it overtakes iOS 9

It’s been fifteen days since the release of Apple’s latest version of its mobile software platform. As of 3pm Eastern Time today, more actively used iPhones and iPads had iOS 10 than any other version of iOS. Easy pickings, given that the only real competition was iOS 9.

Analytics firm MixPanel’s hourly observations more than 240 billion records show that 48.34 percent of devices had iOS 10, compared to 47.67 percent of devices toting iOS 9. 3.99 percent had another version of iOS. iOS 10 also took a majority share at 1pm, but calculations at 2pm brought iOS 9 back to the top. iOS 10 has since grown its lead against iOS 9 since 3pm.

As of 10pm Eastern, iOS 10 is very close to notching half the user base with just .03 percent of a margin. The signing window for iOS 9.3.5 is still open, meaning that users can officially downgrade from iOS 10. A couple bouts of mass downgrades occurred the early morning of September 27 and the early morning of September 28, causing 7 percent swings in favor of iOS 9 both times.

On initial release, it took iOS 9 just eight days to surpass iOS 8’s share of the iDevice base. and 11 days to get above 50 percent. On the 14th day out, Apple closed the signing window to the last version of iOS 8.

Source: MixPanel (iOS 10, iOS 9)
Via: BGR
DisclosureEven though MixPanel’s chart claims to display logs in Pacific Time, the records we retrieved were actually labeled in Eastern Time.

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