In another day or two, we’ll probably have to publish a quick story about how fast iOS 10 is being adopted and the torrents of people finding major, iPhone- or iPhone-bricking problems with the update. We hope not to have to write the latter story, actually, but we expect to.

Never mind all that, as the iOS 10 software package is available for using to download and install now, as is the watchOS 3 update. You can go to your settings app and check your software or tether your device to your computer and run iTunes to load it in. We encourage you to resist the first-wave syndrome and wait until the weekend to do so. Those who were on the latest beta versions got this update a few days early, though, and we haven’t heard much of a peep about problems from them.

Here’s some of our coverage of what iOS 10 has in store for you:

And more on watchOS 3:

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