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iOS 10.2 beta 3’s best update is the return of the peach butt emoji

By Jules Wang November 15, 2016, 5:09 pm

While tech snobs have long eschewed skeumorphism in their taste for smartphone user interfaces, humankind has apparently opted to “save the peach butt.”

Yes, we’re talking about sexual innuendos in your emoji because sexting is a thing people do. No, we’re not talking about the eggplant. Go look it up if you don’t know what that vegetable stands for. Now settle down, kids.

Since time immemorial (ahem, 2010 when the Unicode Consortium issued its sixth revision to its emoji list), Apple and numerous other tech companies have designed their interpretations of the peach emoji as a fruit shaped a little like a human posterior — a pointy bottom stemming well-defined cleavage between the “cheeks” of the drupe (that’s stone fruit to you). It has remained that way for the likes of HTC, Samsung and others (not LG, unfortunately) since then. Users of iOS 10.1.1 still see a butt-like emoji for the peach.


But for the first iOS 10.2 beta, a surprise: skeumorphism was traded in for a completely rotund anti-berry with a more subtle crease and colors truer to life. And the internet went wild.

It is in this situation, thus, that we find the third beta of iOS 10.2 to feature a most welcome change. While the more realistic shading of the peach remained, the shape had been reverted to its butty butt-butt greatness. And the website you see here, among others you see elsewhere, is telling you about this. Because 2016.

Hooray for butts. Sext well, my friends.


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