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Introducing: the pocketnow.com Wiki!

By Brandon Miniman April 7, 2009, 12:08 am

We've been working on our Wiki behind the scenes for a few months now. Why a Wiki? There are thousands of pages of content on this site. A lot of is related to tips and tricks that you can apply to the device that resides in your pocket. We wanted to bring forth this content and filter it on a manufacturer-specific basis, just like we've done in our forums. That way, you can filter by HTC Touchscreen, HTC non-Touchscreen, Palm, and so on.

And, being a Wiki, anyone can add to it. In fact, we've synchronized our forum and Wiki user database — so if you're registered in our forums, you're registered in the Wiki! One thing though: if your username has a space in it, you won't be able to login on the wiki, so you'll have to make a new username without a space.


So go on, browse through the many many pages of the Wiki, and feel free to contribute. Enjoy — we hope you find it to be useful and valuable =D. Please provide feedback in the comments so that we can improve where needed!


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