Introducing nostalgia-uh, we mean Snapchat Memories

Smart albums have come to the place you wouldn’t think an album would ever come to.

Snapchat is planning on introducing a new feature called “Memories” where you can save a personal hive of Snaps or even whole Stories and even partition some Snaps for “My Eyes Only”. You can sort out your saved Snaps through keywords and compile them into new Stories with Memories. And if you happen to share a Memory or two with your friends, they’ll see a special border on it, letting them know it’s a Memory.

Hear that? Snapchat is on-boarding nostalgia in its app.

The BØRNS we hear is a nice touch, too.

Okay, so does this fundamentally change the Snapchat game you have right now? Not really. No need to be more or less wary than you were a minute ago, it just brings the recycling of openly captured Snaps right into the app itself with an enhanced software experience. Hell, keeping those naughty things in the app (backed by Snapchat’s servers, the company said) rather than your camera roll may be a better and easier solution than using a third-party locking app.

Some things we aren’t sure of, though, is how snappers will be notified when their Snap has gone into a Memory and how the My Eyes Only section will be locked off to prying fingers. The latter one is probably going to be more important than the first, if you know what I mean.

Team Snapchat will send along a little message in your Chat screen to tell you when Memories are available — likely within the next month or so.

Source: Snapchat
Via: Engadget

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