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Intel claims PCs are faster than Macs

By Nadeem Sarwar May 31, 2021, 9:34 pm
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Ever since Apple announced that it is ditching Intel in a favor of in-house silicon, the chipmaker’s future has become a hot topic of discussion after losing such a valuable client. However, Intel wants to remind OEMs – and you, as well – that PCs powered by ‘Team Blue’ chips are faster than Macs, at least when it comes to gaming. In fact, the company makes it clear that if you are interested in gaming, Intel is the side you should be on.

Intel is burning bridges, but it has got a point too!

This is not surprising at all. Instead, it is a well-known fact. But Intel is banking on gaming harder than ever, because that’s one area where PCs are far ahead of Macs, both with Intel chips and those with an Apple silicon at their heart. During Computex 2021 (via PCGamer), Intel came out swinging at its old bestie with some research to show not only the superiority of its own chip, but actually dissed the whole Mac ecosystem.

intel games
Image: Intel

Oh, there were slides involved. Lots of slides. Case in point, have a look at this one. Intel claims that more than half of today’s most popular games simply don’t exist on macOS platform. What about using emulators? Well, Intel had that covered too. The company actually showed off gameplay footage on a Mac machine that would repulse anyone harboring ambitions of playing games on their Apple computer.

Intel is hitting the Mac ecosystem where it hurts the most

But Intel didn’t just stop there. It even showcased a ton of benchmark results where an Intel Core i5-powered PC outpaced the most powerful 16-inch MacBook Pro reliant on the beastly Core i9 processor. Intel even went on to highlight the overlap between how users are now preferring machines that can get work done and also fulfill their gaming demands, something Macs can’t deliver.

intel games benchmark
Image: Intel

While Intel continues to burn bridges, the bragging rights over the gaming prowess of PCs should solely not fall in its blue kitty. Developers focus on the x86 ecosystem when it comes to games, and it’s not just Intel that makes the PC ecosystem good for gaming. AMD makes terrific processors too, and has been eating into Intel’s market share steadily over the past few years.

Plus, it’s not just about processors either, as GPUs made by NVIDIA and AMD are equally important when it comes to offering a smooth gaming experience. But overall, Intel’s message is clear – if you want to play games, you have to divorce the Mac ecosystem, and make the transition (or stay loyal) to the Windows-powered PC ecosystem. Preferably, on Team Blue’s side!


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