Overheating issues force Intel to recall every Basis Peak wearable ever sold

You may have forgotten all about this, or never heard the news in the first place, but a couple of years back, Intel plunked down a reported $100 million to acquire a startup called Basis Science. The move was part of a larger expansion effort into the world of wearable device production and distribution, though it turned out to be a catastrophically bad investment.

Not only did the Basis Peak fitness watch fail to amass the mainstream popularity of Pebbles, the Apple Watch, Samsung Gears, Fitbits or even wellness-centric wrist-worn Garmin gadgets, also ending up costing its designers and the tech giant that snapped them up all proceeds from sales carried out between November 2014 and June 2016.

Yes, every Basis Peak ever shipped is now recalled due to overheating concerns, which “could result in burns or blisters on the skin surface”, with the hardware glitch impossible to fix via an over-the-air software update.

Intel promises to refund you not just the activity tracker’s retail price, but all your various taxes and delivery costs, urging you to stop using your watch and return it alongside its original accessories as soon as possible. The recall is apparently voluntary, not mandated by a regulatory agency, instead prompted by a “small number of customers” who have reported “discomfort, blistering or burns on their wrist”, and “approximately 0.2 percent” of Basis Peak units in circulation allegedly affected.

That sounds like very little, but great fire can follow a small spark, so it’s wise of Intel to not take any risks.

Source: Basis

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