Intel’s had a rocky start making inroads back into the smartphone game after taking a leave of absence for several years, following its run as a Windows Mobile chip heavyweight. We’ve seen a handful of Androids running Intel chips, but there’s yet to be a really compelling model. Could Intel’s Android success lie elsewhere? We’re now wondering what super-cheap Intel-based Android notebooks could mean for the market, after hearing the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer tease just such devices.

Dadi Perlmutter has told CNET that we could see Android notebooks with Intel chips sell around the $200 mark. He didn’t go into details about possible OEMs, nor clarify if he was talking about a full-on laptop or something more like a tablet with a detachable keyboard, but it’s an intriguing idea, especially at that price point.

Perhaps even more interesting, Perlmutter seems to think that Intel-running Windows 8 laptops could compete in that same price range, and while he expects that Microsoft would force prices to be a little higher, that would ultimately be a decision in Microsoft’s hands.

Source: CNET

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