Insurgent OnePlus now has a key win in India

The battle for first place overall in India’s smartphone market is clearly held between Samsung and Xiaomi these days. In the top tier races, it’s been more of the traditional Samsung versus Apple match-up, but there’s a third contender has overtaken the pair for the second quarter.

Chinese brand OnePlus has given us the latest report from Counterpoint Research showing that it has the lead in market share for the Rs. 30,000+ category with 40 percent. Samsung was displaced to second with 34 percent while Apple took third in the podium with 14 percent, its lowest recorded share in the research firm’s studies.

The trends are quite obvious: OnePlus shipments blew up by 446 percent from a year ago with the benefits going to the OnePlus 6 (Avengers or no) being the best-selling single model with 30 percent market share. The OnePlus 5T, amazingly in third, took 10 percent. Samsung supported the Galaxy S9+ with big promotions, helping it take second place in sales at 12 percent. That said, the chaebol shipped one-quarter fewer premium phones this spring, one signpost of the S9’s weak performance globally. Apple’s iPhones by and large face stiff import taxes and, unlike its competitors, the company has only started on a domestic manufacturing strategy to get around them.

There’s also been more fragmentation in the premium space with disruption coming from the debuts of the Huawei P20, vivo X21, Nokia 8 Sirocco and LG V30+.

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