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We usually avoid covering topics that have to do with piracy for obvious reasons. Developers have been a key element that has pushed the smartphone ecosystem into what it’s become and they deserve to get paid for their work, no exceptions. Now that said, we do know that many of us Jailbroke our iPhones since the early days because there wasn’t any multi-tasking or because we couldn’t tether our devices even with our unlimited data plans of back in the day. On the other hand, we do know that a lot of other people used Jailbreaking to side-load apps and avoid their civic duty paying for them. That’s in the past now, or at least for a while.

We all know that Hackulous surprisingly shut down recently for reasons that don’t really match what they say, but that are still a mystery. Along with their service, obviously their crowned jewel, Installous, died along with them. And even though we know there are other smaller alternatives, Installous was the biggest and most complete service on the basement-side of the App Store.

We call this a big win for developers, and we’re truly happy for how this will allow them to provide us with bigger and better apps. On the other hand though, the Jailbreaking community is likely to fall even deeper into a bottomless pit as of today, and that’s also sad. Jailbreaking and the developers behind it has clearly taught Apple a thing or two about how the iPhone should work, and to see this community die is also a sad blow to the industry.

I’ll admit I stopped feeling a need to Jailbreak since iOS 5 was launched. What about you? Do you still Jailbreak? What service do you mainly use if you do? Leave us a comment.

Via: Cult Of Mac

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