When HP dumped the TouchPad in spectacular fashion with a bargain-basement firesale last fall, hobbyists flocked to eBay, Amazon, and Best Buy to snag their piece of heavily-discounted tablet hardware. Some of these buyers were just looking for a cheap tablet; others were webOS fans hoping to stock up on some long-term backups for their favorite platform; and still others had a different dream. They wanted a cheap but well-specced tablet on which to run Android.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the CyanogenMod Team, that dream has finally been willed into reality. And while there are a horde of resources out there for PC users looking to install the latest build of Android, CM9, on the TouchPad, there are fewer options available for OSX users.

As the newest member of the PocketNow team I decided to correct that deficiency by trying the CM9 installation on Mac OS X myself. And thanks to a very well-done tutorial over at Simplehelp.net, the process was a breeze. I thought a brief, 10,000-foot overview of the procedure might be helpful, so please enjoy it, along with my geeky, geeky desktop wallpapers, below.

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