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Instagram has announced that it will ask account holders to verify their identity if the account is shown to exhibit inauthentic behavior or trying to mislead followers. However, the company assures that only a small number of accounts will be subject to this review, while the majority of users will remain unaffected.

An account which is potentially engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior, if the majority of its followers are from a different country or if it shows signs of bot automation, it will be brought under investigative scanner. Instagram says if an account shows inauthentic behaviour of the likes mentioned above, the account holder will be asked to verify their identity. Once approved, the account will continue to function normally. 

However, if someone fails to verify their identity, the visibility of content from that account will be reduced and it may get disabled. Instagram says that the identification information submitted by an individual will be stored securely and will be erased within 30 days once Instagram’s investigation into an account’s activity concludes.  

Source: Instagram

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