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Instagram Threads is getting an update, and no one knows why

By Prakhar Khanna October 8, 2020, 6:14 am
Instagram Threads

Instagram launched its Threads app last year in October. It is basically designed to be used with close friends. Threads is a stand-alone camera-first messaging app that helps users to stay connected to their close friends. The aim was to enable users to share photos, videos, messages, Stories, and more with their close friends in a private space. Now, it seems like the app is moving away from its core-functionality with the new update.

Instagram Threads is getting a new update, and it now lets users communicate to anyone on the platform as opposed to messaging only close friends. The app now offers two tabs within the inbox – one for Close Friends and one for Everyone Else on Instagram even if they don’t have Threads downloaded. The notifications are enabled only for Close Friends by default but settings can be changed within the app. Threads also lets you share automatic WhatsApp-like status updates like ‘On the Move,’ ‘Out and About,’ and ‘Low Battery.’ 

With Instagram Direct Messages part of the main app, I see no benefit of bringing these changes to Threads. It affects all four users of the app. The standalone camera-centric messaging app is used by less than 0.1 percent of Instagram’s monthly active users (via The Verge).

Instagram recently introduced cross-platform messaging experience with Messenger. However, it says (via TechCrunch) that cross-platform messaging won’t be enabled for Threads. The company is still putting in efforts to draw more customers in.

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