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Committed to the “fight against online bullying”, Instagram is announcing new features that could help the platform and accounts become a more positive place.

The first feature will allow users to manage multiple comments at the same time. Unwanted or negative comments were deleted by account holders one by one in the past, but with the new feature, users will be able to “delete comments in bulk, as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments”.

Positive comments could end up being pinned when the new feature rolls out, meaning, just like on any other platform, that regardless of when they were posted, they will appear at the top of the comment list.

Last, but not least, users will be able to select and fine tune other accounts who can tag them. The options will include No One, Only accounts you follow, and Everyone, with the extra option of manually managing each tag.

Source: Instagram
Via: The Verge

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