Instagram is currently rolling out two new features and one of them is getting more attention than the other.

That feature is the ability to add multiple pictures and videos to users’ Instagram Stories at once. A new button in the upload interface allows users to select up to 10 pieces of media to add — each piece can be edited to users’ whims before all of them get queued for uploading. Think of this as the albums of Stories.

Second, TechCrunch is now reporting that the Facebook-owned image-sharing platform is also rolling out the Data Download tool that was first promised at the beginning of the month. A company spokesperson claims that the tool is rolling out on mobile, but is currently available on the web at this link. The tool lets users have a local copy of “photos, comments, profile information and more” made on their Instagram account with the compiling process taking up to 48 hours.

The Data Download tool was created to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect in the EU on May 25.

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