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Instagram is testing a new automatic captioning feature that will give a significant boost to the accessibility aspect of its platform. First spotted by social media evangelist Matt Navarra, the automatic transcription tool comes to life via a ‘Captions’ sticker. However, it appears that the Captions sticker for stories is currently a part of internal testing, and as such, has some glitch associated with it.

Instagram says auto-captioning is currently being tested internally

Navarra added in a subsequent tweet that using the Captions sticker on shows an ‘internal only’ banner when used in a story, and that stories with the auto-transcribing feature fail to publish. An Instagram spokesperson subsequently confirmed that the aforementioned feature has not entered a public testing phase. It appears that the feature may have accidentally gone live for some users.

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Instagram currently does not offer an automatic captioning facility. However, the feature is available in another app called Threads from Instagram that is made by the Facebook-owned company itself. This app offers a ‘video notes’ feature that automatically adds captions as users record a video. The Threads from Instagram is currently available for both iPhones and Android devices.

There is no word regarding a wider release of this extremely useful feature

Coming back to the automatic captioning feature on Instagram, it is unclear when the app will make it out of the internal testing phase and becomes available widely for all users. We’ll keep you updated regarding any new developments around this useful feature.

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However, not at all Instagram tests have been received well by users, with the latest one being private likes. Due to a bug, the feature was accidentally enabled for a large number of Instagram users, many of whom went into panic mode. While some appreciated it because hidden likes reduce the ‘social media pressure’, influences raised concern that it might affect their ability to score sponsorships. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri called it polarizing, but noted that the feature will be selectively accessible for users who want it.

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