Instagram Messenger API

Facebook has been working on deeper integration and interoperability between all its properties. The. company recently introduced Accounts Center across Facebook, Instragram and Messenger that brings the abilitiy to cross-share Facebook posts and Stories simultaneously on Instagram. A couple of weeks ago, it announced a messaging experience overhaul for Instagram that allows cross-platform messaging between Instagram and Messenger. Now, Facebook is adding support for Instagram to its Messenger API. It will allow businesses on the media-sharing platform to handle Instagram messages through third-party apps.

The new API enables businesses to integrate Instagram messaging with their preferred business applications and workflows. Currently, it is in beta, and only a limited number of developer partners and businesses can use it. Adidas, Amaro, Glossier, H&M, MagazineLuiza, Michael Kors, Nars, Sephora and TechStyle Fashion Group are among the brands that are trying it out.

The Messenger API will let businesses handle messages from various parts of Instagram including Shops and Stories, in one place. The brands will also be allowed to integrate Instagram into their customer relationship management systems. It will allow them to see a customer’s order history alongside messages from them. Further, Facebook is adding automation to Instagram DMs. It will allow brands to respond immediately to common inquiries.

The company recently added support for cross-platform messaging between Instagram and Messenger. Users can now send a text from Messenger to Instagram, or vice versa. However, Facebook is letting users opt-in to this feature, and it is not forcing it on them. The users can choose to update to this look, but once they do, they can not go back to the older look. 

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