Instagram creepers find solace as story posters won’t be notified of screenshots

Facebook-owned Instagram has completed testing of notifications to those who have posted Stories of when other users have taken a screenshot. The image-sharing social platform told BuzzFeed News that it will not go forward with implementing the feature.

The move would not have put Instagram on par with Snapchat as this would notify users of screenshots for their public stories. The network already notifies users of when direct message content has been captured.

In a sense, the fact that a post to an Instagram story only lasts for 24 hours may give users a false sense of security and enable them to share thoughts they otherwise might not have on a more prominent and “permanent” forum. So-called “lurkers” have taken advantage of privately screenshotting these little events so that they can share gossip with friends and do with the information what they will — after all, it’s publicly available, if only temporarily.

In any case, while there may have been a disruption to those nasty (but socially accepted) habits for a time as no one knew who had the notification feature and who didn’t, things should be back to normal from here on out.

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