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Instagram could soon pay you a bonus to use its TikTok-clone

By Prakhar Khanna May 25, 2021, 1:38 am
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Social media services are paying users to motivate them to use their TikTok-clones. Snapchat had announced that it will award $1 million between the most popular creators on the app per day. In hindsight, it was an effective approach as Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is now being used by 125 million users every month. It was followed by YouTube announcing Shorts Fund to reach out to thousands of creators whose Shorts would have received the most engagement and views. Now, it looks like Instagram is all set to follow their footsteps.

According to developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on delivering ‘Bonus’ to users who use its TikTok-clone, Reels. He took to Twitter to reveal that he spotted this announcement screenin the back-end code of the app. As you can see from the screen, Instagram is testing a new ‘bonuses’ program, which would be focused on Reels promotion.


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As per the first point, this program is tipped to enable users to ‘earn bonuses from Instagram’ when they share new Reels content. It is likely that you will need to reach certain bonus thresholds in order to claim ‘earnings’ from the program. As per SocialMediaToday, there would also be variable bonuses made available to creators.

Instagram is still looking at how to maximize Reels. It is not yet specified how much the company will be paying its users as part of the bonus program. However, it does align with the Snapchat Spotlight approach, which payed creators for uploading content using their new feature. Instagram is rumored to pay selected creators for their Reels contributions.It could be based on upload volume as opposed to engagement/quality.

We expect Instagram to roll out this program pretty soon. Are you a Reels creator? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.


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