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Instagram could further ruin your feeds soon. Here’s how

By Prakhar Khanna June 24, 2021, 4:55 am
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Last year, Instagram rolled out a new feature called “suggested posts.” These posts appear when you’ve finished reading recent posts from those you follow. They are related to what you normally see. It was released as a tactic to keep you glued to the app with never-ending doom-scroll on the feeds. According to Instagram, the reception to its “suggested posts” feature has been so positive. Hence, it is looking to launch a new test that aims to mix suggested posts throughout your primary feed. This means you’ll soon see suggested posts ahead of photos and videos from people you follow.

The latest development comes from The Verge, which reports that Instagram is testing new tools too. These tools will allow users to add specific topics as an interest for their suggested posts. Moreover, Instagram will let you snooze the recommendations for 30 days to hide them from the feed entirely. As of now, suggested posts appear only after you have seen the posts from the people you follow. The new test is said come to a “small number” of users.

The new feature could allow Instagram to keep its users on the app for a longer duration. However, some people (like me) might be annoyed with the changing ways of the media-sharing app. First, the company removed chronological from our feeds. Then it introduced a new navigation bar with a Reels button instead of the post button at the middle (this is super annoying to me).

Instagram went ahead and brought its explore page (in a way) to the primary feed with suggested posts. Now, it will be mixing suggested posts with the posts from our friends. Personally, I am on Instagram to keep up with my friends, and this reason is fading with each update lately. After all, most of the memes on Instagram are from Twitter or Reddit. I don’t want them to appear in between the posts from my friends and the pages I follow. However, it will be interesting to see how the users react to this change.

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