Instagram app tailor-made for Windows 10 tablets beats iPad version to the punch

The world’s most popular photo-sharing service exited beta stage in a Windows 10 Mobile-specific incarnation back when there was still hope for Microsoft’s pocket-friendly platform, and now, it finally spreads its wings to tablets that don’t run Android.

Not all of them, though, as iPad users remain restricted to an age-old Instagram app designed with iPhones in mind. This is a rare victory for Win 10 slates and convertibles, treated to an optimized new full social networking experience centered on “moments” and Stories.

Instagram, with half a billion registered users under its belt as of June, including more than 300 million that are active every day, also brings its entire slew of features to Windows 10 PCs. But actually posting and editing photos is only available for tablets and computers with touchscreens and rear-facing cameras.

Live Tile functionality will let you check out the activity of your friends and family at a glance, Stories from people you follow appear in a row at the top of the Feed, and “rich, native” notifications aim to ensure “you don’t miss important updates.”

Grab the (naturally free-to-download) app from the Windows Store now, and don’t forget to rub your iPad-owning buddies’ noses in it.

Sources: Instagram, Windows Blogs

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