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No more official Instagram support for Windows 10 Mobile

By Adrian Diaconescu April 16, 2018, 7:23 am

Released in 2015 as a highly anticipated successor of the Windows Phone platform that never could take on Android and iOS, Windows 10 Mobile had trouble gaining some semblance of market relevance too, officially kicking the bucket last October. Since then, there have been no new features added to the OS, no Microsoft-sanctioned hardware in the pipeline, with third-party app support also grinding to a halt.

The latest big name to bite the Microsoft Store dust is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Instagram, which always seemed skeptical of Windows Mobile’s growth prospects. Owned by Facebook since 2012, the photo and video-sharing social networking service made its exclusive iOS debut back in 2010, only spreading to Android devices as FB’s acquisition was being finalized.

Official Instagram apps for Windows 10 Mobile and the desktop version of Windows 10 barely launched in April and October 2016 respectively, and while the latter is obviously not going anywhere, the former appears to have vanished without a trace… or any sort of warning.

Unlike last week, the social network’s availability section in the Microsoft Store merely lists the “PC” as a supported platform. Of course, there are always alternatives for the handful of Windows Mobile users out there refusing to leave the sinking ship, like simply accessing Instagram.com on their Edge browsers. But above all, this is yet another painful reminder Microsoft has truly and definitively thrown in the smartphone towel.

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