Instagram can help you share your stories like Snapchat can, but if it only lets you upload one photo at a time, we’ll have to ask “what’s the story here?”

Apparently, Droid Life has been tipped off by an Instagram user with beta version 10.7 of the APK that a new feature is in testing which would allow users to upload and edit up to 10 pictures at a time, packaged into a neat little album. Viewers would then be able to unpack the pictures, slide through each of them and like or bookmark with pleasure. The feature is said to be quite broken at the moment, which is why you aren’t seeing the update push out more widely.

Remember in the good ‘ol days when Instagram feeds were sorted in reverse chronological order? Your whole feed would consist of people posting all their pictures of the day at once, thus burning your eyes out and your will to scroll into ashes. That’s mostly why an algorithm was implemented to shuffle in more diverse people — to increase engagement. But that went at the cost of you missing out on a person’s whole story, if you were stuck in the position of being interested enough to see more, but not inclined to tap through to the person’s profile (that’s more work).

In this case, the album may prove to be the stone that hits two birds. You get all (or most) of the day’s story in pictures on the same interface while working in more of who you follow simultaneously.

There’s no word on if this feature is currently in testing for iOS.

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