Augmented reality games developer Niantic Labs isn’t just working on a Harry Potter franchise project for 2018, it’s also going back to before its Pokemon GO days with a reboot of its original hit game, Ingress.

A sequel to Ingress was announced at a Niantic-held fan gathering in San Francisco celebrating the game’s fifth year. Ingress Prime will launch sometime from 2018.

Ingress is the company’s first game designed for players to rove the real world looking for points of interest on a map while engaging them in AR-defined “portals” at monuments or landmarks in what is essentially a war to claim territory. That basic concept will be moved onto Pokemon GO’s development platform, reports The Verge, taking advantage of toolkits from Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.

Prime will also have a new look and, unlike the current iteration, a character-driven storyline in version 2.0. There’s also a series of anime to go along with the game that will be wrapped in with other storytelling media just like with Ingress today.

Niantic CEO John Hanke took stock of the jump between where Ingress is now as a game and where Ingress Prime wants to be as a multi-platform consumption experience.

It was a very spartan crew that did the first version of Ingress. I guess it’s part of the charm of the game, that it’s a very spartan UI and players have grown to love that. But we’re really happy to be able to bring in some really talented artists and designers into the project, and really just give people a modern, beautiful version of the game.

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