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Did Samsung make a mistake with its Infinity Display?

By Adam Doud April 8, 2017, 8:30 am

LG and Samsung have started off strong out of the gate. Both companies put out phones that are beautiful to look at, great to hold, and powerful. Plus, they’re huge, without being huge. A ridiculous screen-to-body ratio allows both of these phones to have gigantic screens in small bodies. The phones are remarkable to look at, and at least the LG G6 is a pretty solid powerhouse as well (our reviews of the Galaxy phones are still pending). But LG did something that Samsung did not do, and many have come out of the woodwork to discuss this shortcoming. Samsung brought its “Edge” design to both the S8 and the S8+.


Hold it right there

People are worried about how comfortable the phone will be to hold, and accidental touches for starters. The “Infinity screen” is great to look at, but how will it feel in the hand, and how will it handle accidental touches? Both are legitimate questions that need to be asked. After all, if a phone is prone to accidental inputs, that can seriously detract from the phone’s experience. Typing alone could be a nightmare on a phone like that. Holding the phone and tapping with your thumbs could easily trigger misspellings, and other less than desirable characters.

But overall, the concern is that both phones having edge screens won’t really allow users to differentiate between the two models. For the last two years, Samsung released the primary flagship, and the Edge variant. Sometimes people bought the Edge variant for the look – I probably would have. But many others gravitated toward the Edge simply because it had a larger screen and a bigger battery. The data was off because of these differences. You have to go back to the S6 to see where the masses flocked.

But overall, Samsung is taking a pretty big risk by making both of these phones “edge” phones. If the design doesn’t catch on, Samsung has basically nothing to fall back on in the flagship category. And LG is just waiting to suck up all of those users who love the look, but not the edge, because that’s basically what the LG G6 is.

And yet…

On the other hand, I for one praise Samsung for taking this bold step, and it’s really just for one reason. The phones look great. Samsung has three years of Edge design experience to fall back on, and it certainly brought its A game to the masses. Samsung has been making edge phones for years and it should have optimized the edge screen experience by now. If it hasn’t, sure we’re toast, but I suspect it has done a pretty solid job this time around.

But overall, Samsung has made this design its own – if you have a Samsung, you have an edge – or infinity screen to call it by its proper name. The infinity screen stands out above and beyond even the LG G6 in sheer wow power. It’s a beautiful phone and it is eye-catching, no doubt. And Samsung has taken this eye-catching design and made it its primary design into all of its flagship phones for 2017 so far – I suspect the Note 8 will be similar. I have no evidence that the Note 8 will have an infinity screen, but honestly, it should.

Bring the sexy

Samsung is hitting a home run here, and assuming all the pieces are in place, consumers will be the better for it. There’s no better way to stand out in a crowd of me-too Android phones than to make your phone sexy to look at. The Huawei Honor 8 has that as well with the reflective glass body. Samsung has it with the Infinity Display. Look at me. Want me. Love me.

But what do you think? Are you a fan of the Infinity Display? Would you prefer more rectangular but tiny bezels like the LG G6? Do you plan to vote with your wallet on this one? Are you shunning the S8 because of this display already or are you going to wait until the reviews are in? Are you drooling over the Infinity Display, or are you going to wait until the reviews are in? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts, and let’s see if we can figure this out.


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