India’s Flipkart discounts Pixel 2 to below US pricing

When India imports anything here, people usually have to pay a truckload in import fees to get it. It’s not a pretty sight, seeing the wallet that empty. Well, not that the country uses banknotes anymore.

In any case, when the Google Pixel 2 debuted earlier this year, it was priced at Rs. 61,000 or $945. Not all that surprising when the iPhone 8 starts at Rs. 64,000. But Flipkart is about to sweeten the pot by offering a three-part discount for consumers that can jump through the right hurdles.

First, Flipkart itself will take Rs. 11,001 off the price while the banks will subsidize another Rs. 10,000 if a credit or debit card is used, bringing the total down to a more appealing Rs. 39,999 ($620). Buyers can also trade in their old phone for up to Rs. 18,000 more. That could bring the effective price to $341. This deal is guaranteed from December 7 to 9.

The Google Store in the US is currently offering up to $500 in store credit and trade-in discounts for the Pixel 2, bringing it down to a minimum price of $149. All things considered, India should have it pretty okay, at least for three days.

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