India sees original iPhone 6 on for Rs. 29,699

Apple wants to build stores in India and wants to sell used iPhones in those stores to combat the low-price market. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government doesn’t seem interested in turning India into a “tech dumping ground”. As such, Samsung had plenty of wind in front of it to bat down rumors of getting refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units to the subcontinent.

But Apple is not willing to give up on bringing back oldies for goldie markets. As such, the iPhone 6 has been brought back to the Indian market in just Space Gray. As far as we can tell, the device is not like the 2017 revision that has been making its way through Taiwan and China with a 32GB flash memory disk — this one’s got the original 16GB. It’s selling at 43 percent off the original price or Rs. 29,699 ($445).

Apple purports the iPhone as a brand stalwart with plenty of cache worldwide, so even with a spec-for-value market, it may be able to improve on its 2.5 million sales in India last year.

Update: Thanks to reader Sa, we’ve been able to confirm that is selling a 32GB version of the phone. The source link has been updated.

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