A $750 OnePlus phone doesn’t sound as far-fetched as one thinks. When it was revealed in a very murky picture that such a device with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage would retail for that price, it didn’t necessarily surprise longtime market watchers.

But that doesn’t mean that a price increase won’t be painful.

Relative to India, it seems that a source has given TrueTech the money dish on all of the OnePlus 6’s major variants. Keep in mind that we’re looking forward to this device in the next several weeks when only very few Snapdragon 845 chipsets are out in products and prices on this component are still fairly high.

There’s a bit of fuzzy math as of when these figures were given out on March 29, but the source the publication is relying on has provided accurate leaks of the OnePlus 5’s pricing:

Storage Price US equivalent
64GB Rs. 33999-36999 $523-585
128GB Rs. 38999-42999 $601-$662
256GB Rs. 44999-48999 $692-755

In the same context as these numbers, the 64GB OnePlus 5T was Rs. 32,999 and the 128GB version was priced at Rs. 37,999, so there’s definitely going to be a toll coming into these models — but that’s to be expected as every new OnePlus device, save the OnePlus X, went with a cost increase.

The existence of the Bullets Wireless earbuds are also affirmed with this leak, but nothing has been given about pricing.

So, if this is the ballpark we have to work with, how much would you be willing to pay for a very decent Android flagship with a notch (that everyone apparently hates) in it?

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