Samsung has had its head turned upside down in the India market thanks to Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi beefing up its aggressive campaign to sell smartphones to the student-age population at low, low prices while also increasing domestic hardware output to keep prices low as per protectionist regulations.

So, how will the chaebol take back the lead? TechRadar, which cites no sources in its reporting, suggests that four new low-end Galaxy J phones will help out with Infinity Displays limiting the bezels on them. Xiaomi has been in the market for a couple months with 2:1 displays on its phones, but this would be a most-coordinated reply. We’ve previously reported on a potential Galaxy J6 fitting into this lineup.

The devices would comply with Make in India laws and feature market-specific features like Turbo Speed, Ultra Data Saving and S Bike.

The Redmi Note 5 Pro, featuring a 2:1 display, is launching May 25 for the price of Rs. 14,999. On one end, the Galaxy J7 Duo, which had a traditional 16:9 display but with dual cameras, costs Rs. 16,990 — on the other, the bare-bones, yet-to-be-released Galaxy J2 (seen above) with a 16:9 display is expected to cost Rs. 8,190. We’ll have to see how future ‘J’ releases, however they’re equipped, will strike the balance in the price wars and, perhaps, bring Samsung back to first place.

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