Incognito Mode rolling out on YouTube mobile apps

If, for any reason, you don’t want your YouTube viewing to leave a digital paper trail, you may have or soon will get a mode that already exists on Google’s Chrome web browser.

9to5Google reports that code for an “Incognito Mode” has laid latent for months on both the YouTube and YouTube Music apps. The feature was tested in May and it is now apparently ready for widespread release on version 13.25.56 of the YouTube Android app.

Every user will eventually be able to tap their avatar on the top-right corner of the app to access their account settings and see an item to “Turn on Incognito.” Activating Incognito Mode prevents search queries and viewed videos from being logged though, as with Incognito Mode on Chrome, the ISP and/or local network manager may still be able to see where traffic is going.

As part of Incognito Mode, users will not be able to access their subscriptions, playlists, downloaded videos and message inbox. Users can also tap on a “Turn off Incognito” button while their watching videos. Incognito Mode also deactivates on its own after some inactivity on the app.

Users can already disallow Google from collecting view and search data for video suggestions on a semi-permanent basis in the settings.

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