discontinued iPhones

When Apple announced that it would stop announcing quarterly unit sales numbers for its iPhones, observers speculated a whole raft of reasons — many are coalescing around the idea that the iPhone has reached peak saturation with consumers.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners seems to have dug up new numbers to support that central thought: it reports from a survey of 500 Apple customers that as of the end of the third quarter, there were more than 181 million iPhones in active use within the United States.That’s an increase of 5 million from the end of the second quarter and represents a slowdown over the past year.

It’s estimated that iPhones from this year and last year make up 25 percent of the base — this includes 2 million iPhone XS and XS Max sold in the last ten days of the summer. 41 percent of units are three years of age or older.

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