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In-display fingerprint scanner shipments on the rise

By Anton D. Nagy August 10, 2018, 3:00 am
in-display fingerprint scanner

As we move away from buttons on smartphones — for an all-display approach — more and more manufacturers are starting to adop the in-display fingerprint scanner. According to recent numbers from Sigmaintell, cited by DigiTimes, in-display fingerprint sensor shipments will reach 42 million units this year.

So far there are two major behind-the-screen fingerprint scanner types: optical, and ultrasonic, with the latter being smarter and offering more features and capabilities. Because of that, they will also be pricier, and Sigmaintell believes that optical types will amount for the majority of scanners shipped.

The report also claims that, because the adoption of ultrasonic sensors by Korea-based smartphone vendors (two come to mind: LG and Samsung), these fingerprint scanners will likely be even more expensive.

Sigmaintell estimates 100 million units to be shipped in 2019, as in-display fingerprint scanners will become a standard next year for mid-to-high-end smartphones.

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