Google’s Spotlight Search, “In Apps” mode, announced

If you own an Android phone, you now have a new way to look for everything inside of it. And you’ll be able to do it in style on the LG V20.

Google is introducing its locally-based “In Apps” search mode as an easy way to pick out the things of the past you need to bring up right now. All you have to do is scroll over to the new “In Apps” section or put [brackets] around your search terms — without even being connected to the net.

You’ll be able to put in contacts, conversation topics and media from your prior discussions in your native email, texting and messaging apps. You can also pull up that video or song that you’ve been watching on YouTube or listening to on Spotify as well.

Plus, you can also check off lists you’ve made through Evernote, Todoist and Google Keep — all of which will be integrated with In Apps “in the coming months. Gilde video chatting and Facebook Messenger will also be latecomers.

LG is also announcing that its V20 will be the first to not only integrate the In Apps feature on its home screen, but the first to have a dedicated shortcut to it on the Second Screen. Yes, Google is finding a way to shoehorn some purpose into that Second Screen, not that it already needed it.

Is Google trying to let Android play catch-up with a sorely needed Spotlight Search “borrowed” from Apple, or do you think that these deeper app integration already give In Apps the upper edge? And when will this feature make it over to iOS, if it will ever?

Source: Google
Via: 9to5Google

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